To all ESR´s: Certificates are now available

Signed certificates from previous HiPerNav training schools are now available on our data server. These certificates are accessible only if a login. In the certificate it is written that HiPerNav awards 3,5 ECTS points for each course. Course programs were not evaluated by individual Universities, which means that the amount to be accredited might differ.

Training and first clinical use of CAS-ONE from Cascination in HiPerNav

On December 4th 2017, surgeons at The Intervention Centre, Oslo University Hospital, were trained on the navigation system CAS-ONE from Cascination AG, the main industrial partner of the HiPerNav project. This system allows visualization of the liver models in 3D as well as tracking of the tools. Tools are tracked using an optical tracking system…

HiPerNav Training School at Trondheim

HiPerNav Training School jointly organised by NTNU & SINTEF will be held at Trondheim during 2017 September 25th – 29th  2017 This training school will cover the following topics. Detailed program is here Medical imaging Medical devices and Instrumentation Inter-disciplinary dialogue Communication and outreach  

Oslo HiPerNav School

ESRs gave introductory presentations so they could better understand how each of them will contribute to the project as well as how they must work together for the project to succeed. They also further discussed this collaboration in smaller groups. Cascination gave a demo of their system. Presentations from each work package leader were held….

HiPerNav ESR Kick off meeting and Training School at OUS

HiPerNav ESR Kick off meeting and Training School will be held at Oslo University Hospital during 2017 September 4th- 8th  2017 This training school will cover the following topics. The detailed program is available here. Clinical needs for cancer treatments Multimodal imaging and Image-guided Minimally-invasive treatment Research, project planning and management Ethical aspects and gender…

HiPerNav Kick-off

HiPerNav Kick-off was held at the Intervention Centre in Oslo on the 16th and 17th of November.


Hipernav themed cupcakes were made, and eaten!