mapOslo University Hospital coordinates the project, Sintef and NTNU are project partners on the Norwegian side. The other European beneficiaries are University of Bern, Bern University hospital, University of Delft, University of Cordoba, University Paris 13, and INRIA. Additionally there are several partner organisations: Cascination, Siemens, NVIDIA, Innovasjon Norge and Yes!Delft.


Beneficiaries description
oslo_hospital Oslo University Hospital Coordinator of the project. Projects on: model to patient registration and organ tracking; automatic feature extraction and segmentation; as well as clinical assessments.
sintef  SintefRegistration techniques. Project on: registration for improved pre-operative planning and intra-operative navigation in laproscopic surgery.
ntnu  Norwegian University of Science and Technology (colour lab – Gjøvik & IDI – Trondheim )- Image processing. Projects on: cross-modality guided image enhancement; fast and automatic extraction of important structures in pre-operative CT/MR and operative ultrasound.
bern  University of BernLandmark detection. Project on: automatic and accurate landmark detection and localization for minimally invasive liver surgery.
tu_delft  Delft University of TechnologyTo provide a detailed understand of treatment planning and navigation workflow. Projects on: user interaction and workflow analysis; automatic tracking of workflow in OR.
inria  French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation Biomechanical models for interventional guidance. Projects on: automatic mesh generation and remeshing for patient-specific simulation; atlas creation of boundary conditions and patient specific definition.
paris13  University Paris 13Image processing. Project on: multimodal medical image quality assessment using a perceptual fusion approach.
cordoba University of Cordoba – Acceleration through high performance computing. Projects on: acceleration for enhancement and denoising of per-operative and intra-operative images; heterogeneous parallel computing for image registration algorithms.
bern_hospital Partner Organisation – Bern University HospitalTo enable transfer of research results into the clinical domain for testing. Project on: clinical applications and validation of novel minimally invasive HPB surgery.
Partner organisations description
cascination CAScinationIntegrate prototypes into a clinically applicable system. Projects on: In-situ anatomical structure inference from pre- and intra-operative 3D imaging.
siemens Partner organisation – Secondments & several training courses
nvidia Partner organisation – Secondments & training.
Partner organisation – Training in entrepreneurship.
innovasjonnorge Partner organisation – Training in intellectual property rights and commercialization.
Associates of HiPerNav description
The international Society for Medical Innovation and Technology – Dissemination of preliminary outcomes at conferences.